We’ve got your back(end)


voluntaryEDGE offers the smart backend administration you need with the sleek enrollment HR professionals expect. It’s an end-to-end platform, an entire system of record that provides a pain-free solution for you and your clients.

The Noiseless Backend Solution.


In-demand group products and competitive plan designs from Aflac.

Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity


Robust benefits administration backend technology.

Enrollment combined with group billing and ongoing member benefits maintenance


“We’ve got your back” service.

A dedicated team to guide you and your clients from proposal through implementation


Standard voluntaryEDGE is available at no cost to you.

When you find the right groups, our standard solution is available at no cost to you


Speed to Market.

Most groups are up and running in less than two weeks


Let’s do this.

Get started by enrolling a new group or converting a new group now

The Best Experience Ever.


  • Sell with ease – a powerful, turnkey solution that requires little lift on your end
  • Gain a worry-free solution – a group product paired with the service your clients need
  • Ensure brokers are happy and loyal – and continue to produce premiums year after year


  • Participation rates by each product line in real-time
  • Retain clients easily – by streamlining administrative processes
  • Maintain agency revenue – through accurate file feeds
  • Gain dedicated support – with a single point of contact for you and your clients
  • Stay competitive – by adding a tech-based solution to your portfolio

Employers & Employees

  • Gain transparency – through year-round visibility into voluntary elections
  • Enroll with ease & manage benefits – using one trusted source
  • Experience hassle-free enrollment – with a highly optimized user-experience


You can (finally) have the support you need during the benefits process – from enrollment to billing with the quickest turnkey solution for groups of all sizes. Check out the table to see if your group is a good fit.

Group Attributes voluntaryEDGE
Group Size 100+ Benefit Eligible
Existing in-force Aflac Group Coverage
*This also includes conversion cases.
Enrollment Method Worksite via Maestro Health Portal
Employee Self-Service
Another Third Party Platform
Runway Until Enrollment *Begins 
(*Census must be provided 5 business days prior to enrollment)
<2 weeks
>2 weeks
Aflac Approval & Compliance Testing Required
Products Supported Aflac Ease Solutions Underwriting & Offer for ACC, HI, CI
Other Aflac Group Products
All Benefits
Data Integration – EDI Inbound Census File
Payroll Deduction Report
Outbound EDI to Payroll System

Not sure it’s a good fit?
We have you covered with these additional solutions.

voluntaryEDGE PLUS™

What’s Included: Accident, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity with different benefit options – OR – Add a 4th, 5th or 6th Aflac product.

Timing: 45 Days after census is received.

Cost: You will receive a customized proposal and quote based on the scope of implementation.

Customized voluntaryEDGE – (me)BENEFITS ADMIN 2.0™

What’s Included: Anything outside of: Accident, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity – OR – Non-Aflac products.

Timing: 90 Days after census is received.

Cost: You will receive a customized proposal and quote based on the scope of implementation.